Mexico City has carved out its identity as the art capital of Latin America, with Feria Material – otherwise known as Material Art Fair – showcasing the most exciting, emerging talent of the region.

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Over the past couple of decades, Mexico City’s art scene has grown exponentially and the city is brimming with artist-run spaces, contemporary galleries and fairs. For one week in February, the energy of the scene reaches a peak with Mexico City Art Week; buyers and collectors flock to the capital for a host of guerilla events, openings and activations anchored by three major fairs, Feria Material being one of them.

Back in the 90s, the CDMX art scene was defined by an uninhibited creativity, free from the commercial pull that dictates much of the art world today. This free, fun, experimental era is the spirit of Material.

Material Art Fair on Trippin

Feria Material is Latin America’s most-loved independent fair celebrating Mexican and international contemporary art. With eight years of daring programming under its belt, Material has built a reputation for being relentlessly innovative; a platform for young artists to showcase their most daring experimentations. This commitment to adventurous programming and dedication to cultivating emerging artists is what sets Material apart from its older, more established counterparts.

For the ninth edition, Material is returning to the vibrant neighbourhood of Juarez, taking over the utilitarian and unassuming Expo Reforma for a four-day programme on 9 February, just as the jacarandas start to bloom and the streets are dusted in purple petals.

Feria Material takes place at Expo Reforma on 9 February 2023.

Material Art Fair on Trippin

Photography by Josh Sisly