• Currency

    United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED)

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    25.20485, 55.27078

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Back in the 1800s Dubai was a fishing village before getting rich on oil and evolving into a financial metropolis. Dubai wears its (lack of) tax regulations like a badge, attracting people from across the world looking to cash in, and then return back home pockets full. People are quick to dismiss Dubai as a glitzy tax haven favoured by “expats”, but the emirate city is changing at the hands of locals who are carving out a new cultural identity for the capital.

Founded just forty years ago, Dubai was built by multiculturalism, with 90 percent of the population made up of 200 different nationalities. Exploring Dubai with a local will unlock a completely different side to the city that offers an alternative to its shiny facade; Dubai is home to a growing skate culture, an emerging rap scene helmed by locals intent on challenging stereotypes of the Middle East, and a booming underground streetwear and sneaker culture. Ditch the mega-yacht-and-luxury-mall stereotype and get to know the changing face of Dubai.