Trippin on Tour with Jorja Smith


“Being able to travel the world and explore all these beautiful countries all because of my music is a dream. I'm just so lucky that I get to experience all these different cultures and meet all these people!”

No one experiences travel quite like musicians on tour. Waking up in a new city every day, performing to a global audience, and seeing first hand the impact your music has on both communities and individuals thousands of miles away from home. At Trippin we believe travel is integral to connecting cultures, changing lives and broadening our minds and understandings.

For our newest series we teamed up with Jorja Smith on the South American leg of her tour; intimately capturing the ins and outs of Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

Jorja Smith Trippin on Tour Camera Mini DV
Jorja Smith shooting footage for Trippin on Tour
Jorja Smith Trippin on Tour in South America
Jorja Smith Trippin on Tour in South America

“Chile, Argentina and Brazil were probably one of the best things I've done so far in terms of travelling and playing. They're just beautiful and so soulful. People really care for the music out there and artists don't really go over that much so when you do, all the fans are just waiting at your hotel.

I get a bit shook about that sometimes, especially when there are so many people, but they just can't believe you are there. The place is so brilliant and I had a lot of days off so I was able to just walk around. We went on some hikes, it was amazing.”

Trippin on Tour with Jorja Smith
Trippin on Tour with Jorja Smith
Trippin on Tour with Jorja Smith

“Thank you for having me shoot my Trippin on Tour! It was a lot of fun...I got to just catch the jokes on the camera and I really loved it!"

Video: Jorja Smith & her team

Photography: Mike Excell

Producer: Kesang Ball

Edited: Toby Heard

Sound: Mkulu