We’re Launching Undercurrents, a New Series of Immersive Experiences

Special Fisherman, Chantal Adams
Special Fisherman © Courtesy of Chantal Adams


We're proud to announce our new series, titled Undercurrents.

At Trippin, we've been cooking up something new. Undercurrents is a new series of immersive experiences, and we're launching it at Corsica Studios on 8 September with an evening of film screenings followed by a club night of global electronic sounds.

The series is designed to examine how the cross-pollination of cultures has led to new sounds, moving images and genres. Undercurrents also focuses on the power of physical movement, pinpointing how travel and dance can act as the connective tissue between cultures around the world.

Edition 001 will kick off at 8pm (BST) with a selection of short films zooming in on local figures and cultural traditions. The film programme includes the short Special Fisherman directed by Chantal Adams, Head of Video at NTS; Parallel by London-based filmmaker Rosanna Lee; a visual exploration of Afro-Mexican identity entitled Jus Soli, directed by Darryl Richardson; and a film by Trippin on Brazil's passinho dancers.

For the club night, we've curated a line-up of local and international talent, who'll be presenting music from various corners of the world. There's Lisbon’s DJ Narciso, Manchester legend Tom Boogizm and a Y2K trance set from Cairo’s ZULI on the programme. Chinese-Malaysian producer Flora Yin-Wong will be leaning into the more esoteric side of dancefloor experimentalism, while Beauty Blender’s A.G and Manara will be treating ravers to their distinct blend of euphoric club cuts and saccharine R&B edits.

Blenk, Yasmin and Sgabe will also be representing the Trippin team on the night.

Head here for tickets and check out Flora Yin-Wong's guide to London's arts spaces.