Aldershot Garrison Sports Centre

  • Aldershot Garrison Sports Centre

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    Last but not least, the spot where my competitive swimming career ended on a bittersweet note. The pool here is 50m long, though it is occasionally split in two, and the building also includes diving platforms, a gym, and squash courts. This pool is situated within the Army training grounds in Farnborough, so it's not surprising to see soldiers in training walking around the area. This pool is also home to the Rushmoor Royals Swimming Club, which I briefly joined and thoroughly enjoyed for nearly a year. It was the closest 50m to where I lived, so I swam there frequently throughout my time in competitive swimming. One end is extremely deep, designed for diving and synchronised swimming, while the other end is surprisingly shallow and warm at times, which is definitely welcome during the colder months of the year. There was a road circling the venue, and our coach used to have us run around it as a warm-up for morning training (which I very much despised haha).