Gaiety Galaxy Cinema

  • Gaiety Galaxy Cinema, Mumbai, India
  • Gaiety Galaxy Cinema, Mumbai, India
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Gaiety Galaxy Cinema, Mumbai

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    A viewer will definitely love the old world vibe of this place, especially the beautiful dated ticket windows. Gaiety Galaxy is a G7 multiplex, a place where I have grown up watching movies. Their Samosas are to die for and they used to serve us popcorn from Hoggers Park which had this authentic unique taste that one got addicted to! The most enthusiastic crowd is found here. The crowd doesn’t shy away from hooting welcoming and cheering on their favourite mega star during songs, special entries or major twists/suspense which unfolds. You may even find some dancing away in the aisles. You will find a lot of celebrities dressed down or wearing a Burkha often visit the cinema to see the reaction of the crowd to the film they are starring in. Of course we have a lot of modern multiplexes in Mumbai now but it is always fun to catch a movie here every once in a while!