• Nablus, Palestine
Nablus, Palestine

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  • Also known as ‘Little Damascus’, a place where visiting the old market (souq) is a must. Some of the few things its popular for are nablus knafeh; my dad has been eating knafe, a really sweet dessert, every day since he was born. He used to take me to eat knafe almost every day as well when I was a kid, which is the reason why I don’t eat it anymore. He still finds that weird. It’s nablus soap and Turkish baths. I personally travel with that soap and always have some in whichever house and in whatever country I live in. You’ll also find the Samaritan Museum. Samaritan’s believe that mount Gerizim in Nablus is the holy place for the Israelis. The Samaritans have always been neutral, they don’t like politics and don’t get into it. They speak Arabic and Hebrew and they live on both sides with both people.