• Walpole Bay
  • Walpole Bay Sunset
  • Walpole Bay
  • Sargasso at Walpole Bay
  • Turner Contemporary Gallery on Walpole Bay by Carlos Dominguez
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    Swim Dem Crew

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    We visit Margate regularly as a crew when the sun decides to show its face for long enough. The town has been through a regeneration-turned-gentrification sparked by the Turner Contemporary being built and new money hipsters trying to replicate what they saw happening across under-funded boroughs in London on the seaside. That’s brought many challenges for Margate's locals who either can’t get on the property ladder or simply don’t want to, rent is increasing and new homes aren’t being built. It means that for visitors like us, we get to see different communities working and living side by side…for now. Margate has two popular tidal pools. The first is just a few minutes walk from the train station and very much a part of the seaside fun that takes place on hot days, the pool is enclosed so as the tide retreats in the afternoon, there is still plenty of water nearby to get a few laps in. We prefer Walpole Bay pool, which is either a half hour walk from Margate station or a five minute drive. This pool has an all important beach entry and small beach area so tends to be much less busy than Margate’s pool. Expect refreshing water, kids crabbing and seasoned swimming vets all sharing the same space. We challenge you to spend a day there to see the pool appear and disappear as the tide comes in and out, there’s something beautiful about that natural process. Margate has a great food scene with plenty of variety, head to Sargasso for refreshing small plates, Angela’s for the best seafood you’ll ever eat, or their sister restaurant Dory’s for a more casual vibe but similar quality. Swim Level: Beginner Public Transport:
 Yes Facilities: No

  • Life buoy

    Open Waters Community

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    Such a great pool and there's a queer swim meet there once a month which is great for water lovers who might not feel so comfortable going to the pool alone. Swim Level: Beginner Public Transport: Yes Facilities: No Added by @freshasadaiz

  • Ayo Akinwolere

    Ayo Akinwolere

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    The tidal pool in Margate was my very first taste of freedom in the in the open water. It offers a relatively controlled environment because it's obviously got sides to it. It was also the first moment I shared with swimming with other people. It's a really special place for me and one I go to just swim freely without any objective.