Travel Diary by Yasmin Shahmir

Angela Stephenson Trippin in Manila


Photographer and filmmaker Angela Stephenson shares her thoughts and photos from a recent trip returning to her ancestral home, Manila.

“When they were in their twenties both of my parents left their respective homes in the UK and the Philippines and never looked back. I lived in 5 different countries by the time I was 14, so I don’t feel satisfied sitting in the same place for too long. Even if it just means getting a train to somewhere I’ve never been or taking a different route home from work one day, new experiences are important.”

“The more you travel, the smaller the world feels. Wherever you go you’ll find common ground with someone and that’s a humbling feeling. A fleeting interaction with a total stranger on the other side of the world can leave a lasting impression, and for me it does even more so when I’m able to document that moment on camera.”

“If you have the privilege of travelling abroad for leisure, use it to gain perspective of lives outside of your own and be wary of your impact on their environment as a visitor. Constantly learning has been one of the biggest benefits of travelling for me.”

“This photo diary is from my most recent trip to Manila, it was my first time spending Holy Week in the city. The majority of these photos were taken just streets away from my home.”

Thanks Angela! Peep her new video for Filipino artist EYEDRESS HERE


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