Athens: The Safety Guide

BY Maria Pappa

Athens: The Safety Guide
Photography by Dimitris Lambridis


Athens is relatively safe, but as in any other European city, watch your bags in busy areas and act with caution when moving around some hoods after dark. In the past, women were harassed in the streets, but that doesn’t happen very often nowadays. The recent wave of femicides have made people more sensitive to violence against women.

You might say that depending on the kindness of strangers somehow holds true in Athens. Athenians never turn a blind eye when someone is in need. In an alternative reality, where GPS and Google Maps are nonexistent and you desperately need to ask for directions, even if their English is not good most locals would try to guide you in the best way possible. If you cry for help, someone will almost always hear – and help – you. Dial 100 for the police, and 166 for a medical emergency.

On another note, be polite to street vendors, even if they are insisting. While you’re not obliged to give money to the large population of homeless people in Athens, consider asking them if they’d like something to eat instead.