The Best Destinations for Parties, Beaches and Nature This Month

Kala Festival


It’s May: the conclusion to the spring season and the gateway into the summer. This transitional period marks the sprint into festival season and a summer of global cultural events. At Trippin, we’ve compiled a four-point list of destinations to head to for the month ahead. Whether it’s some quiet and tranquillity in nature before we dive headfirst into summer, a beach location or party scene, we’ve listed out a key destination for each. Scroll down for our top picks.

Connect With Nature

Llanberis, Wales

Wales © Diogo Lopes

Need a dose of zen and nature? It’s been proven that spending time in green spaces makes us healthier and happier. We put this to the test via our new series Grounded. Produced in collaboration with BBC Studios Natural History Unit, we took the much-loved viral trio Taste Cadets to Wales to learn about sustainable travel. One of our key learnings is that local travel is much better for the planet rather than zipping around on a plane. In Llanberis, the trio put this into practice by travelling across the village on e-bikes. If you’re in the UK and thinking of travelling locally, add this one to your list for the bank holiday. For those outside of the UK, this is our nature pick for May. Check out our guides for Wales here.

Party Scene

Brussels, Belgium

Horst Arts and Music Festival
via @horstartsandmusic / Facebook

For those looking for a party, one of our top selections for May 2023 is Brussels. Why? It’s home to the cutting-edge festival Horst, which features a range of experimental and eclectic electronic acts. The line-up ranges from the smoke machine-fuelled sounds of Evian Christ to ambient selections from KMRU, via reggaeton pioneer Rosa Pistola and oddball cuts from Vegyn. The Belgian capital is known for its architecture and aside from music, Horst is a celebration of the city’s spaces and art. Head to the Trippin 50 calendar to read more about Horst.

Festival Season

Dhermi Beach, Albania

Kala Festival

Over the past few years, Albania's Ministry of Tourism has sought to open highlights within the country in order to boost its economy. Kala Festival, each year, highlights the beauty of Dhërmi's paradisiacal shoreline and its stretches of sand that plays hosts to its raves. The Albanian event is one that marries a beach location with parties. Here, you can listen to Balearic at the stunning Gjipe island and wander off for a canyon walk to find a waterfall. Or, there are the seafood restaurants lining the coast and azure waters to dive into. At night, expect to experience UK techno on a boat against a backdrop of peaceful waters and a blood moon. Head to the Trippin 50 calendar to read more about Kala Festival.

Into the Heat

St. Lucia, Caribbean

Pigeon Island, St. Lucia
via Wikipedia

Or if you’re looking for more tranquillity, our suggestion for the month is St. Lucia. May signals the start of St. Lucia’s hotter climate, but prices to head to the region during this time are lower than previous spring months. Wet season won’t have begun yet either, so now is a good time to experience its tropical weather.