To celebrate Earth Day, we called on our community to share snapshots sat in their camera rolls to create a visual diary that truly celebrates all of the Earth’s infinitely diverse offerings.

Despite borders closing and travel seeming distant, a passion for the world outside is burning like never before. But when all this is over, where will we go? How will we get there? And what effect will we have?

As we’ve slowed down, and the earth has had a chance to repair, the need to tread with greater purpose has never been more apparent. We hope this period of rest will reinforce the urgency to reform our mindset towards collective responsibility for both people and planet.

We now have an opportunity to proceed more purposefully into a new world. What it will look like, is up to us.

Director: Samona Olanipekun

Music: E-fit

Script & VO: Yasmin Shahmir

Produced: Trippin

Contributors: Abdou Cisse, Akwasi Poku, Andu Masebo, Bayu Dwiarmein, Dhamirah Coombes, Holly Fernando, Lauren Michelle-Pires, Lily Ganotaki, Mollie Mills, Ollie Adegboye, Ronan Walsh, Sam Coldy, Taylor Baugh-Pyke, Tim Smith, Tom Elliott, Victoria Ramsey, Pasquale Daniel, Tom Warren, Lauren Devlin, Flavia Blenkinsopp, James Folger, Olivia Fernandez, Yasmin Shahmir, Kesang Ball, Selim Selim, Sophia MacPherson, Thea Gausen, Sam Blenkinsopp