Travel Diary by King Promise & Headie One

Headie One & King Promise Take Ghana

"Ask anyone who’s ever been to Accra... whether it's their first time or not, they find themselves not wanting to leave. Ghana is the spot." - King Promise

King Promise and Headie One have bonded over their shared heritage and love for showcasing Ghanaian sounds and creativity to the world since they met in 2019. The cultural relationship between London with Accra runs deep within history, with the city having a rich Ghanaian presence for centuries, particularly in areas like Tottenham and Croydon. This established and well-integrated community in London still maintains ties to their homeland, creating a buzzing relationship between both city’s creative scenes which has fostered a unique blend of cultural sounds, fashion and art. For their most recent collab, Headie One and King Promise came together on the shores of their motherland, Ghana, to film the music video for “Ring My Line.”

We caught up with them to hear about the time they spent there, their relationship to Ghana and to get the lowdown on why they keep going back.

How would you describe the energy of Accra?

King Promise: Ask anyone who’s ever been to Accra.. whether it's their first time or not, they find themselves not wanting to leave. Ghana is the spot. Great nightlife, amazing food & absolutely lovely people.

Headie One: Ghana is too sweet. It’s the motherland! How can you not love it?

What’s Ghana’s creative & fashion scene like right now?

KP: The Ghanaian creative and fashion scene is popping crazy right now with a lot of young creatives doing dope stuff. Streetwear culture is big in Ghana & the new crop of young talented designers are killing it at the moment.

What are some of your favourite things about your home country?

KP: A lot of things I could say but I can definitely say our food, our music, our culture, nightlife & just the peace & tranquility!

Do you visit often?

HO: I was “shipped” back in the days as a kid (lol) now I try to go once a year. Ghana is home.

What’s a memorable experience from your recent trip there?

HO: There’s nothing compared to the street love out in Ghana seeing my people chasing down my car screaming out my name.


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