Jamaica: The Safety Guide

BY Gina Hargitay

Jamaica: The Safety Guide


Your safety during your trip largely depends on where you go. Generally during the daylight hours and in most areas you will be safe, but crime has risen in Jamaica in recent years. Nevertheless, Jamaica thrives on tourism; so, the touristic areas are especially well protected and tourists can generally enjoy a larger degree of safety.

Kingston, Spanish Town and Montego Bay have the highest crime rates, with both violent and non-violent crimes on the rise. In these areas it is advised to move between your accommodation and the place you would like to visit (museum, restaurant, bar, theatre, etc) by car or taxi. Spanish Town should be avoided. Check with your hotel or host before visiting a place to ensure it is not in a dangerous neighbourhood. Avoid walking from place to place.

In other areas of the island safety is not as big of an issue, especially in the resort areas and hotels where there are security measures in place. Nevertheless, it is important to be circumspect, to always travel in groups and to seek guidance from your hotel or host about the areas you intend to visit and how you intend to move around.

You can still travel to Jamaica and soak up the legendary culture and history that created icons such as Bob Marley and Marcus Garvey; you just need to be cautious, be aware of your surroundings and avoid taking unnecessary risks with your safety.