Nature Loves Courage

BY Amelia Abraham

Nature Loves Courage


“Live your truth” is the tagline for this unique two-day festival taking place in the south of Crete, at one of Europe’s closest points to Africa.

Founded by multidisciplinary artist Abyss X in 2019, each year a small community of regulars and visitors alike gather to enjoy playful electronic music within the natural setting of Fortuna, an open-air club at the crystalline beach Sougia Bay, tucked away behind wild gorges in the Mediterranean.

The festival was inspired by Terence McKenna (who’s sometimes dubbed as the patron of psychedelic drugs), and in the spirit of the mystic, Nature Loves Courage celebrates psychedelia, music and the natural world. Clothing, here, is optional.

Past editions of the festival have featured a tightly-curated roster of international DJs and artists, including Juliana Huxtable and NYC artist Via App, as well as a focus on the Arab and African sounds that run through the region. If this sounds appealing, bear in mind that, with only 450 tickets, anyone thinking of visiting Nature Loves Courage will need to move fast to get one. It’ll be worth it. This festival has been described as a once in a lifetime experience.

Nature Loves Courage is one of the finalists for Trippin 50, a cultural calendar featuring the best events around the world. Check out the Trippin 50 hub here.

Nature Loves Courage for Trippin 50

Date and Location

Nature Loves Courage takes place in Sougia, South of Crete, in June 2024. Dates are yet to be announced.


Average highs of 25°C.


Early bird tickets start from €45.


The festival is best reached by car or bus from Chania, a Cretian city with international flights to Athens and other key cities in Europe. Visitors can also reach Crete by ferry from Athens, which takes between six to nine hours.


Guests in Sougia can usually find a room in a guest house, but will need to book in advance.


There is currently no information on accessibility.

Nature Loves Courage for Trippin 50
Nature Loves Courage
Nature Loves Courage for Trippin 50

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