Travel Diary by Yasmin Shahmir

Nick Joseph Trippin in Palm Springs

What’s in your camera collection?

I go through phases. I love the Nikon 35ti, but lately I have been VERY into my Mamiya C330.

What is it about Palm Springs?

I think for me, it’s a mixture of the architecture, relaxing vibes, the scenery driving into town from the 111 and I have a thing for hotels from the mid-century modern period. I spent a couple of weeks out there last summer and explored a lot, I ended up with a good amount of photos I was really into so I decided to do a zine. It’s at the printing process, so it should be released later this month.

What’s next Nick?!

A few years ago I created an exhibit with a friend, Richard Mudler, called “Under the Radar”, curating dope skate and street photography from around the world. We collaborated with Stussy on it and had some killer shows from Cali to Japan. It was really well received and is the inspiration behind my latest project, THE CLOSE ENOUGH GALLERY, where I’ll be publishing photo books/zines and doing more exhibits with amazing talents again.


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