The Lowdown on Drugs in Athens

BY Maria Pappa

Drugs in Athens illegal
Photography by Alex Mihai


Drugs are illegal in Greece (apart from medical cannabis), they are also considered a taboo and aren’t openly discussed. When Greeks do talk about drugs, it’s mostly in a discreet manner or in code, especially if someone in the group doesn’t do them, which is common even between close friends. So generally speaking, you should be careful who you talk to. That doesn’t mean that it’s difficult to find them, quite the contrary, you can find almost everything but it’s always better to seek the advice of a local friend on where to purchase. Random street dealers may be an easy solution but no one can guarantee the quality of the product and there is a high risk of getting arrested. On the other hand, tourists aren’t usually subjected to searches by the police and it all depends on the amount of drugs you are carrying and if they are for personal use. Covid-19 fuelled a major increase in substance abuse worldwide and Greece is no exception. Different groups are doing different kinds of drugs. The youth prefer weed. MDMA and ketamine are more popular in the club scene. Raves are full with hallucinogens while the gay community has a thing for crystal meth at sex parties. The only drug that everyone seems to agree on is cocaine.