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Trippin in Athens with Emily Almodovar


London based photographer Emily Almo shares snaps & tips from the Greek capital.

Why do you travel and what does it mean for you?

Both my parents and my auntie love to travel, so I would say I definitely get it from them. I find London can get very boring, especially because it’s where I grew up. Experiencing something new is very refreshing.

What took you to Athens?

My boyfriend is half Greek and it was about time I met the family.

What are your top things to do in Athens?

Vouliagmeni Lake is a stunning fresh water lake which includes doctor fish to top it off.
Agistri is a small island an hour away from Athens, a nice get away for the day and is super quiet compared to the city. Acropolis, if you don’t go, did you even go to Athens? Voula is the more suburban side of Athens, so a lot quieter but has lots of amazing restaurants.

What are your must see’s & do’s when Trippin?

Eating the local cuisine is really important, especially when it’s Greek food. Seeing a couple of beaches is a must too and of course a good view point to watch the sunset.

What’s in your camera collection?

I use a Canon 5000D 35mm and a Canon 5D Mark II, but I only brought the film camera to Greece. Travel pictures always look nicer on film in my opinion.

Where you Trippin next?

Hopefully Japan.

Thanks Emily!

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