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Trippin in Morocco with Lily McLoughlin


Photographer & Vintage Jewellery Enthusiast, Lily McLoughlin shares snaps from her latest trip.

Where did your travel bug come from?

I come from a long line of travellers, my great grandfather was Cuban and crossed the Atlantic 100 years ago. My great grandmother Cissy Flynn worked on the cargo ships that left from the Liverpool docks around 1915, as did both my grandfather and then my dad. My parents met on Taghazout beach in Morocco in the 80s, the year Bob Dylan released Infidels. Travel has always been there for me and the family.

What are your earliest travel memories?

One of my first memories as a young child is when my family and I took a trip to Ireland, crossing the Irish sea on the ferry. My grandparents were waiting to greet us on the other side, so myself and my sister Daisy dressed in these matching sailor suits with horrendously itchy socks that they’d bought for us.

What are your must see’s and do’s when Trippin?

A ‘must see’ for me is the almighty sun, I would never pay to go anywhere cold. Must do’s: eat local, sleep local, shop local, experience the country as a local as much as possible, I hate feeling like a tourist… I always go to the food markets and make sure I stay somewhere with a kitchen so I can cook with the local produce. Cooking and eating is a big part of my life at home and when I’m travelling it’s a hugely exciting part of the trip. I also LOVE to vintage/market shop, so I’ll always find a local market to visit when travelling to pick up some treasures.

What is it about Morocco that keeps you coming back?

Fake Nike TN’s, Louis Vuitton babouche slippers, the beautiful berber hand made rugs and cushions and the silver jewellery keep me coming back. The other thing I love about Morocco is the many different landscapes, from snow covered mountains to the Atlantic ocean, all located just hours from each other. The country and its people are rich in so much more than just money.

What’s one of your favourite spots in Morocco?

If you travel to Fez you must go to The Ruined Garden, some of the best food I’ve ever eaten in a stunning, sunny walled garden right in the heart of the city.

Where’s next on your Trippin list?

Mexico. Because it looks & sounds bloody wonderful.

Thanks Lily!


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