"Travel, for me, is breaking down my biases and transcending my upbringing to form a new worldview, a new perspective, a new beginning."

As a musician and label head, Jitwam has found has let the city of New York take him where he needs to be, allowing his creativity to run free. But the inspiration is not limited to these busy streets, with roots in Australia, London and India. We sit down to talk to him about NYC and how travel has influenced his process.

Why do you travel, what does it mean for you?

To travel is to expand the horizons of your mind, the acquiring of new knowledge, new ways to live, new ways to think, new ways to breathe your creativity into existence.

In this life, we are so blessed with the opportunity to explore different cultures and incorporate these into your own worldview.

Travel, for me, is breaking down my biases and transcending my upbringing to form a new worldview, a new perspective, a new beginning.

Apart from phone and passport, what are your travel essentials?

Herbal toothpaste, hand sanitiser, eye drops, moisturiser, headphones and a bottle of water.

In the mix or off-grid?

OFF THE GRID. Don’t call me… I’ll call u.

What’s your wildest or most cherished Trippin memory - where were you, who were you with, what happened?

After several days of trekking, being desperately lost and fast running out of supplies deep in the mountains of Ladakh. Me and two friends found shelter at a local school who had all but 6 families living in the village.

Having not seen an outsider in several months, and no language to communicate in, the people welcomed us with open arms.

We took shelter in the school for the next week, helping the kids with english, cooking food and doing general handy work in exchange for supplies and directions.

What’s the best thing you’ve brought back from a trip?

New friends, new smiles and faded memories.

Trippin Presents Jitwam NYC

Talk to us about the concept behind this music video and why it was important to film a montage of NYC?

The video is about late nights in New York… missed connections, the yearning of something special, the beginnings of a new nu. Enchanté - it’s nice to meet you. A word from the director, Sienna Berrito: "As someone who grew up here (in NYC), it’s important to keep the romanticism of the gritty New York I grew up in alive. With all these new glass buildings and pop-up shops, you lose the underbelly that’s the driving force of this place… and keeps NY on the edge of the new nu."

What is the music scene saying right now in NYC?

NYC is finding a new resurgence, with an abundance of styles, flavours and new faces making waves left, right and centre. From the DIY house parties hosting world renowned DJs on a world renowned sound system at the Cedar Room, to live music and contemporary dance at LayeRhythm, to amazing Chinese food at 4am in the morning at Wei’s, where all the DJs hang out. NYC has so much to say right now.

What’s your favourite thing about living in NYC?

The diversity, the sounds, the colours, the missed connections, finding in myself a new nu.

Give us one local phrase you use and tell us what it means.

“What it do tho babyyy!????”

…To be honest, I still don’t know what it means.

Trippin Presents Jitwam