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BY The Astrology Vixen

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As the world continues to rotate in a constant state of flux, we could all use a little more cosmic guidance when it comes to navigating travel. In simple terms, astrology is defined as an ancient divination system used to help you to understand your own life cycle, and how this relates to the world around you. In this article, we will show you how to go with the (cosmic) flow, and use astrology to guide your own travel choices.

When it comes to astrology, most people know their Sun sign which is determined by date of birth, and little else. The birth chart includes additional pieces of information that contribute to the larger horoscope puzzle. When you’re born, the planetary Gods provide you with a unique birth chart, informed by the time, location, and date of birth. Essentially, these charts are a snapshot of the cosmos at the time of your birth, and can be used to show all the directions your life might take, from the personal to the professional.

Throughout history, there have been various astrological systems used by different cultures across the world, one of which is Verdic Astrology, which has roots dating back to 5000-10000 BC. Fast forward to the modern world and astrology is more popular than ever before; according to Google Trends, searches for “astrology” and “birth chart” both hit a five-year high by the end of 2020. Back in the 70s, astrologer Jim Lewis introduced ‘Astrocartography’, a discipline of astrology whereby your birth chart is plot against a world map. Astrocartography readings use the cosmos to identify geographical destinations that best suit the individual based on their birth chart. Lewis developed this tool to help people find the cities, countries or regions that would highlight the best parts of themselves. Have you always wanted to move abroad, but you’re unsure where to base yourself? Been thinking about taking some time off work to travel but indecisive about what route to take? Astrocartography can help.

What do you need?

Although the charts look complex, the lines across the globe simply show a picture of the ‘type’ of adventures that could be activated when you travel to those locations. You need your exact time of birth, date and location to draw up your own ‘astrocartography chart’. Head to this website to configure yours. Once you enter your details your chart will appear over a map of the world, just follow each line to identify the destinations that are best suited to you.

Astrocartogprahy map unlock your best travel yet using astrology
An Astrocartogprahy map

How to read your Astrocartography map

When you draw up your chart, each line will be marked with a planetary symbol, hover over the symbols and you’ll see the different descriptions of each celestial body. We have put together a brief guide to help you understand what each line means, and how to match your travel intentions with worldwide destinations. For example, the Mars line on the bottom left hand corner runs through Mongolia on the chart above. But, what does this mean? Mars is a planet of action and drive, so if you’re seeking a faster pace, you might choose to travel along this line and head to Mongolia.


This is the planet of emotion, the locations which fall along the Moon line can evoke a deep sense of serenity. If you get pangs of homesickness when abroad, visiting locations along this line might help remedy that.


If you’re seeking pleasure and contentment, travel to the locations that fall along the Venus line. Relationships, beauty, and money all reside under this Queendom.


Adrenaline junkies naturally exhibit the traits of the action-packed planet Mars. Locations along this line may help you conquer more of your taller ambitions.


Your network is your net worth, and Mercury has the power to expand your social circle. If your aim is to make new connections in the local community, highlight this line on your map.


Jupiter embodies the persona of ‘obi wan kenobi’ , meaning you may meet a guided figure that supports your personal development. Your chances of seeking a new mentor may be met by the hands of fate.


Saturn says ‘you’re as strong as your four foundations’. When travelling this route, expect life lessons on how to achieve your long-term vision. This line may test your ability to say ‘no’ to short-term gratification in order to gain long-term wins.


This is the ultimate wild card in the planetary deck. The unpredictable energies of Uranus may spark your senses to rebel and can trigger sudden changes on your travels.


Meeting your spiritual tribe is a gift Neptune may present to you. Think plant medicine, group healing sessions, and soulful communion.


If life feels too stagnant, this transformational planet will indeed ‘shake the table’, Pluto represents the planet of ‘rebirth’. Heading to the locations on this line can completely shift the way you view yourself and the world you live in.

Frankie Lopez unlock your best travel yet using astrology
Photography by Frankie Lopez

The Nodes of fates

The Nodes in astrology are our points of destiny, the geographical destinations you were always meant to visit. It is our North star to help us understand the gifts from the past, and the process we take to will them into being.

North Node - This line represents direction. What have you decided is impossible that could become possible right now? This line will help you answer that exact question.

South Node - The past meets the present. The South Node can mysteriously awaken a feeling of ‘deja vu’. Journey here to discover hidden talents you never realised you had.

There’s more…

There are four more important lines that run across different parts of the Astrocartography chart. If you want to get really specific, you can layer these lines with another planetary line for double cosmic impact. For example, a Pluto line with a Midhaven line, can potentially activate a huge career transformation.

Ascendant (AC) - Locations along this line, can initiate a bolder version of your personality.

Imum Coeli (IC) - Embark on finding a home of comfort, along this line of the map.

Descendant (DC) - Journey to this line for nourishing partnerships and connections.

Midhaven (MC) - If you’re seeking answers regarding your career path, look out for the locations on this line.

If you’re dubious of these claims, as a practical test draw up your chart here. Check where you’ve already traveled to and see if the planetary energies match your experiences. You may be pleasantly surprised to see how the universe conspires behind the scenes to support your travel intentions. Try it out for yourself and you might unlock your best trip yet.

Reach out to me if you'd like to delve into your cosmic chart.

Jordan Steranka unlock your best travel yet using astrology
Photography by Jordan Steranka
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Photography by Farzad Mohsenvand