What's the Deal on Transport in Mexico City

BY Dimitri Voulg

What's the Deal on Transport in Mexico City
Photo by Will Ried


Walk the walk and take a bike

Unless you’re travelling far from your accommodation, you’ll be fine on foot for basically everything you need to do on a daily basis. Given the rising traffic situation, I would advocate against using taxi apps for less than a 20 minute walk or 10 minute bike ride. You can move throughout most neighbourhoods by walking them. If you prefer, there are also two-wheel options, Ecobici – which is part of the public transportation system – has plenty of bike stations around the more popular areas, and they offer both regular and electric bikes. To use, you’ll need to download the app, create an account and fill in your card details. You can choose from a day, week or year pass, and the fees are very reasonable. Take note: if you do get an electric bike, you must return it at electric-bike-only stations. For more speed, you can get one of the Econduce' scooters located in designated areas. They work through an app similar to Ecobici, and you pay per time used, and/or by a monthly plan.

Unfortunately, the city cannot brag about public transportation. The options are bus, metro or taxi. Taking a public bus is a brave move. The system is complicated, and lacks information, accuracy, and accessibility. On top of that, buses have a reputation of being driven in the most careless way. The cheapest way to move around the city is by metro (underground) or metrobus (above ground). Subsidised by the city government to make travel more accessible, a single trip only costs five or six pesos, equivalent to £0.25. Even though the metro is well connected, there are some disadvantages; very few stations are fully accessible and it’s usually crowded during rush hours, it has significant delays, and it does not run past midnight.

For long distances, taxi apps like Uber or Didi, may be your to-go, but street taxis –recognizable for their pink colour – are more affordable and practically everywhere. But they may not be the safest option for solo travellers at night, or use the most direct route. Taxi apps are safe, efficient, and affordable if you compare their fees to those in Europe or the US. They are your best option to/from the airport, and at night, especially when you come back from that warehouse party you were invited to.