Zuri Marley on Where to Go Off-Grid in Jamaica

Where to Go Off-Grid in Jamaica, With Zuri Marley

Zuri Marley on Where to Go Off-Grid in Jamaica

Headed to Jamaica? Musician, DJ, actress and beauty aficionado Zuri Marley shares her favourite off-grid spots in Jamaica.

Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, Zuri moved to Los Angeles, CA, in 2014 to start a career in music and broadway, which lead to her being featured as a vocalist on tracks alongside Blood Orange and Brockhampton. She’s a star in the making and has been described as one to watch due to her distinct electro-pop sound.

As the grandaughter of Bob Marley and daughter of Ziggy Marley, Zuri's created her own sonic universe, steering away from her family's line of reggae music, drawing inspiration from Swedish pop artists, such as Lykke Li.

On the tribute film Bob Marley: One Love, Zuri describes it as a "film [that] shows a side of my grandpa the world may not know. He was a true freedom fighter and a real rebel."

She adds, "I think the world needs more of those right now, so it’s a great time for this movie to come out. At the end of the day peace is the goal and for Bob his music sent that message, it’s like required reading in my household."

Produced by the Marley family, the film is slated for release on 14 February and will celebrate the legacy of Bob Marley with the "music you know [and] the rebel you don't."

Ahead of the release, we caught up with Zuri to get her travel tips on off-grid locations around her hometown.


It’s a windy road up to Mount Edge, but it’s so worth it. The drive is beautiful and drinking chocolate tea, eating barrel-roasted chicken perched on top of that hill is divine. Go for sunset.

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Tastee Patties

There’s an ongoing debate about which patty spot is superior. Juicee Beef or Tastee. I say Tastee all the way, but if you’re vegetarian hit Juicee for options.

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Uptown Mondays

Shake ass, listen to dancehall. It’s that simple.

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Port Antonio

Cleanse and clear your spirit in Blue Lagoon, take a shroomie raft down the river and find yourself at Natural Mystic to dance all night. Would highly recommend Soldier Camp for food. This is one of my favourite getaways outside of Kingston.

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Bob Marley Museum

I actually really enjoy the tour here and have since I was a kid. It’s a great way to learn a little bit about Jamaican history and get inspired by the man himself.

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Fry fish. Festival. Bammy. Go to Screechie, Aunt Merl or Aunt May.

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