A Guide to Barbados’ Best Neighbourhoods

BY Ashlee Constance

A Guide to Barbados' Best Neighbourhoods
Photography by McKenzie Milhousen


East Coast: The salty side

Bordered by the rugged Atlantic Ocean, the East Coast is known for its dramatic, untouched landscape. A breathtaking getaway from the super touristy south and west coasts, any trip should include a few nights on this side of the island. With its salty air and legendary sea breeze, the East Coast is a popular weekend spot for locals to rejuvenate.

Start your day with a hike at Bath Beach, make a stop in Bathsheba to catch the surf, and grab some lunch at Uncle Joe’s before a sunset walk on Cattlewash. Keep an eye out for off-the-beaten-track rum shops along the way. If hiking is your thing, follow the trail across the steep hills near Cattlewash beach to visit the island’s sleeping giant, from here you’ll get the most blissful view of the coastline.

South Coast: The everything-easy coast

You’ll find everything here; bars, clubs, food spots, beaches, AirBnbs and hotels. It’s also pretty cheap to get around on local transport once you’re staying there. The Oistins Fish Market is a must see on Friday nights, you’ll eat the best grilled fish and other seafood dishes there. The capital of Bridgetown is about a 15-minute bus ride away with plenty of restaurants to choose from. In the vibrant nightlife hub of St.Lawrence Gap, try Cocktail Kitchen’s roast breadfruit appetiser and on Friday nights, the happy hour at the Dive will for sure leave you stumbling. On the way home, soak up the rum with a gap burger, they’re right by Halo.

The south coast stretches from Christ Church down to Bridgetown in St.Michael, basing yourself here means everything is 15 to 20 mins away, including lots of great beaches. Growing up in Barbados meant Miami Beach was your go-to with family, the waves are gentle and you get to finish your day with the best snow cones. Browne’s Beach is another favourite amongst locals, the water is super clear, it’s easy to get to and close to good food. Pebbles Beach has the best fish cutter on the island, gotta get it.

West Coast: Boujie babes, drunk sunsets and jampuffs

Famously known as the Platinum Coast, if you want luxury, this is where you’ll find it. The coastline is dotted with million dollar properties and luxury boutiques. Generally, it's on the pricier side of things but Speightstown – a fishing town in the parish of St. Peter – has a unique, laid-back charm that’s worth a visit. Speightstown feels like a vintage Bridgetown, the vendors line the streets, it’s slower and more traditional. Beaches on the West are particularly stunning, Heywoods is a personal favourite. The West is perfect for sundowners, head to John Moore Rum Shop at around 5:30 in the afternoon, order a rum and coke and take it all in.