Intersectional Solo Travel in Los Angeles

BY Liam Casey

Intersectional Solo Travel in Los Angeles


In general, travelling solo in Los Angeles—regardless of gender—can be a perfect way to experience and absorb the city at your own pace; after all, its size and idiosyncrasies can be crushing when trying to rush through it. Many people will agree, though, that you ideally know someone—be it friend or family member—who lives there and can help you around.

Like many big cities, Los Angeles isn’t entirely known for its friendly people per se, but it’s arguably friendlier than other cities comparable to its size. The city has a vast network of streetlights from different eras, the ratio between residential and commercial space will dictate how well lit the streets are. For women, queer people, and other potentially vulnerable folks, feeling safe walking alone is often subjective or dictated by which neighborhood you’re in. Walking alone at night at Alameda St. and Olympic Blvd would feel vastly more vulnerable than, say, walking alone on Sunset Blvd in Echo Park.

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