Intersectional Solo Travel in Paris

BY Jacqueline De Gorter

Intersectional Solo Travel in Paris
Photo by Ellington Hammond


Paris is a marvellous city to visit on your own. With so many museums, galleries, cinemas and parks, it’s easy to lose yourself visiting these establishments at your own pace. Walking along the Seine can be quite meditative, and it’s common to see individuals stopped before that rushing, aquatic vein which divides the city in two, framed by imperial monuments and historical architecture.

For womxn, Paris is safe to travel alone. The film Taken probably scared so many women away from travelling to this city, but if you stay in the city centre and in well lit areas, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Many Parisians are quite open and intrigued by visitors from other countries and love to compare cultures and politics. Bars and terraces are great options for meeting new people; don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with others. You can also check on many museum and gallery websites for events and openings, which is another option to meet people who share your interests.

Of course, be wary of any men approaching you on the street. If someone catcalls you or tries to speak to you, the best response would be to ignore them.

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