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Jenny Abrahams Trippin in Guatemala


Photographer and regular traveller Jenny Abrahams shares her favourite stories and pictures from her time trippin in Guatemala

What was the reason for the trip?

I flew out to photograph a destination wedding for three days, I only had one day to shoot my own photos.

Was this your first time in Guatemala? If yes, what were your first impressions? If no, what keeps you coming back?

Yes, this was my first time. I didn’t see much of Guatemala City as I spent my time in Antigua. Antigua is a special place high in elevation surrounded by volcanos and decked with Spanish architecture. The setting feels magical with views of the volcanos from anywhere you stand. I was mostly blown away by the colors. Deep reds and bright yellow walls. The colorful garments of the locals and the aroma of tortillas seeping through the alleyways had me in love. Every corner you turn is a new photo op. And the people are so beautiful…

Travel is a tool that helps us share observations about the world”

Do photographers have a responsibility to explore the local culture?

Yes. Everyone sees the world in their own way. It’s interesting to see the details of unknown cultures through the eyes of different photographers.

What’s the best thing you’ve brought back from a trip?

Duh, photos! But I always bring back candy / chocolate to eat and give to my friends.

What was the best thing you ate / saw / experienced on the trip?

Champurradas. A giant crispy cookie that is better paired with hot coffee. Que rico.

You’ve got a lot of portraits from your trip, was there a particularly memorable subject?

This was the first time I had lost photos from a camera, a card malfunctioned on me. It was devastating because I only had 8 hours to shoot my own stuff out there. I had been neglecting going through the ones I still had because I was bummed about what was lost. I remember every photo I took, and the one that was my favorite no longer exists. But when I finally opened the remaining pics, I was reminded of an encounter with a local woman and her beautiful baby boy. What a face.

Why do you travel, what does it mean for you?

I travel because the world is too small not to explore. I love interacting with people from different places and cultures. It makes me more empathetic to the world.

Do you think travel is necessary for the creative community? why?

Of course. If all artists in history only stayed in one place, their work would have been very one dimensional. Every creative draws ideas and thought from experience, people, and environment. Travel is a tool that helps us share observations about the world.

What’s in your camera collection?

I have quite a few cameras that I switch between. My favorite street camera, until I can get a Leica, is a Fujfilm x100F.

What’s next for you?

I’m working on a few local projects before I embark on any new trips. I also plan to work on long term bodies of work starting next year, for which I’m currently in the planning phase. One project would require me to travel and meet with people in far places, I am really looking forward to it.

Thank Jenny!

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