Korean Restaurant KKINI in North London Is Our Munch of the Week

KKINI Korean restaurant London
© via Open Table


The modern Korean eatery was recommended to our WhatsApp community in London this week.

Our latest highlight, as part of our Munch of the Week series, is the Korean restaurant KKINI. Situated in north London, the name KKINI translates to 'meal' in English. This place specialises in Korean barbecue in particular, and is a standout choice for those looking for an eatery that will focus on communal ways of dining. Modern interiors with red lighting give this eatery a chic feel, and the menu serves vegan-friendly options for those opting for a meat-free diet.

Actress, musician and DJ Azadi.mp3 recommended the restaurant in her north London guide on Trippin. “What can I say about this restaurant without my mouth watering?" she wrote. "This Korean barbecue delivers time and time again."

"The barbecue itself is delicious and great fun to cook at your own table. The side dishes compliment perfectly, the soups are hearty and flavoursome, the tteokbokki is spicy and moreish; and the Korean fried chicken is crispy and flavoursome," she added. "This is a great spot to go with a group.”

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