What's the Political Situation Like in CDMX?

BY Dimitri Voulg

What's the Political Situation Like in CDMX


It’s a little touchy

While the city has many social and political tensions, on the streets it’s pretty chill. For a conservative culture, Mexico City is fairly liberal, but people of all ideologies live here, and since the political situation of the country is touchy, most people are very cursory when discussing these topics. Most likely, a common ground will be regarding any government as inefficient and corrupt.

Even if the current president’s approval rating is higher than previous heads of state, the country’s history of colonisation, exploitation, corruption, violence against women, an endless war on drugs pushed by the USA, increasing militarization, and frictions between cartels, have created tense environments for many citizens. And Mexico City, being the capital, is not exempt.

From marginalised communities, to women demanding safety and equality, it is not uncommon to witness protests, or even riots, against political institutions. These usually occur on Reforma, but rarely affect non-participating individuals so it shouldn’t be a concern for travellers who want to remain aloof. Opinions on how to reduce violence are polarised; you can spot protest camps set up by peaceful activists advocating for weed legalisation as a solution on Plaza Luis Pasteur, behind the Chamber of Senators. For more insight into how political and cartel tensions are impacting nightlife take a look at the section on Safety and Drugs.