Where To Find Good Accommodation in Paris

BY Jacqueline De Gorter

Where To Find Accommodation in Paris


The place you will spend the least amount of time will also be the most costly portion of your trip. Airbnbs and hotels are usually around the same price. There are many hotels all around Paris, including many small boutique hotels (this doesn’t necessarily mean more expensive). Some notable mentions: Hotel de Varenne (€200 per night), Les Jardins du Marais (€140 per night), ZaZie (€83 per night).

Airbnb has caused spikes in an already rapidly rising real estate market, which is forcing many Parisians to move into the banlieue, or outskirts, of Paris. So unless you are planning on cooking some Jerusalem artichokes you wish to buy at the market, hotels might be a better option. If you buy endives and olives, you can have a picnic (or if it’s in the evening apéro) in a park or along the Seine or Canal.

Another option could be to stay in a hostel. Some options are: The Generator (€55 per night), The Village Montmartre (€40 per night), Les Piaules Belleville (€24 per night.) You can pay around €40 a night in comparison to a hotel and Airbnb, which is usually averaging around €100 to €200 a night.

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