Where to Find Good Accommodation in Athens

BY Maria Pappa

Where to Find Good Accommodation in Athens
Photography by Dimitris Lambridis


Let’s be clear, tourism is vital for the economic growth of the country. Thus, it’s no wonder that boutique hotels are popping up on every corner of downtown Athens. Nightly hotel rates start at around €70; a more affordable choice is Airbnb with apartments starting at €50 per night. If you come across something cheaper, always read the reviews before you book – maybe the place isn’t so central after all.

If you are staying longer than a week, let’s say a month, search for an apartment outside the usual platforms with the help of an Athens-based friend. Rent ranges from €300 to €1000 per month, depending on all the usual things like size and area, but not so much on the condition of the apartment. It’s worth knowing that a room “with a view of the Acropolis” does not necessarily mean a decent street. Omonoia, Metaxourgeio, Lower Patissia and the area near Larissa station are central districts, but it’s not advisable to stay there at night as a visitor.

Airbnb is seen as a curse by many, but when it first appeared in Athens it gave a much-needed solution to many low and middle-income Athenian families that were struggling in the midst of the debt crisis. Lately it’s hard to distinguish which ones are owned by private companies. It’s true that many neighbourhoods were deeply affected by Airbnb – you can read more on that in the hoods section. The disdain of some locals is not usually shown in everyday behaviour or conversations but in the form of anti-Airbnb graffiti on the streets of those particular places.