Where to Find Good Accommodation in New York

BY Michella Ore

Where to Find Good Accommodation in New York


Whatever your budget, you can find comfortable accommodation in NY from anywhere between $60 and $200 a night. If you can’t crash at a friend’s or take over a sublet from a mutual, airbnbs are a great option. While you’ll want to be sure to double check your listing to make sure location and setup are legit (street view on Google Maps seldom fails), you’ll get that experience of what it’s really like to live in the city.

As for what part of the city you should stay, mood is key. If you’re looking for an area that has a good blend of shopping, social media-friendly restaurants and is only a few steps away from Central Park, stay in Manhattan. You will find landmarks like the Rockefeller Center and Radio City Music Hall along with upscale restaurants serving ramen and lobster that are worth the splurge. Bonus perk: it’s only a 25 min train ride to LES where you’ll find galleries outside of the Chelsea circuit, grassroots independent bakeries and an assortment of creatives working throughout fashion, music and contemporary art.

If you want to be in an area that feels more community-minded with a youthful flair, try the East Village, which is home to Tompkins Square Park, artists, and the university crowd. Across the bridge lies Bed Stuy, a neighborhood known for its rich history of Black and Brown culture, delicious food fusions and eclectic music scene that spans electronic music to genre-defining hip hop.

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