Fairbourne Beach

  • Fairbourne Beach, Sand, United Kingdom
  • Fairbourne Beach, Sand, United Kingdom
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    Whilst visiting my partner’s parents for the first time in Gellifor, North Wales we took a trip West, to Dolgellau, hiked around Llynnau Cregennen (Cregennan Lakes), and meandered down hairpin bends towards Fairbourne Beach. We met with a large sea wall that protects the village from high tide, which we clambered over and stood in awe of the sprawling sandy beach. Despite the sunshine, it was sparsely filled with fellow beach walkers. Opalescent jellyfish were dotted around the sand - marking the edge of the tide. The open views fogged the horizon line facing the general direction of Ireland, and I felt at peace. A resolution had been made. We had our swimming gear - we had to jump in. Nothing beats a salty swim with natural views, crisp fresh air, and staring up to a clear blue sky. The feeling of weightlessness clears the mind, ready for the return back to the hustle bustle of London living. Sadly, Fairbourne is on the front line in the battle against climate change and there are rising concerns that the lovely little village by it’s shores will be consumed by rising tides and ever more frequent flooding. “It’s being called the first place in the UK to be lost to climate change, as rising sea levels and extreme weather become too much to defend it from.” 13th March 2020 - Greenpeace. So be considerate and respectful when visiting and perhaps let your trip inspire you to invest as much time in healing the earth we share as we try to invest in healing ourselves.