Hackney Wick Sauna Baths

  • Hackney Wick Sauna Baths

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  • I love the layout and vibe of the place. From the cafe to the baths and sauna boxes being outside. Feels more natural and an actual place of community as opposed to a man-made structure simply meant for a business. It feels deeper and personal, and the staff are great. It being in east London is a bonus as it’s my favourite place. I’m an active person and go the gym five days a week so doing this after a session aids recovery. I feel less stiff before the studio, rehearsals, meetings and shoots. People here share different ways they relax and recover, to aid people’s health and well-being. You get the feeling people here care for one another. A health-based collaboration based on openness, if you will. In the cold baths I’d say [stay for] two to three minutes. In the ice bath I’d say 45-90 seconds.