• Hampstead Heath Mens Ponds
  • Hampstead Heath Womens Ponds
  • Hampstead Heath Mixed Ponds
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Hampstead Heath Mens Ponds

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    Hampstead Heath is home to three swimming ponds, the Ladies, Mens and Mixed ponds are oases in hot summer days and fortresses of solitude in colder weather, with backdrops of comforting willow trees to sooth your inner self. We love to swim there knowing that you’re able to experience floating around on your back or swimming through slightly murky waters without having to leave the City, which is truly special. If Hampstead is too far north for you, consider coming with us down south to Beckenham Place Park for a dip. It’s one of the few ponds that has air filtration which helps to keep the water extra fresh too. You can even give paddle-boarding a try while there and head up to the grounds to see a movie at their outdoor cinema during the summer. Swim Level: Beginner Public Transport: Yes 
Facilities: Yes