Secret beaches in Devonshire - Elberry Cove - Paignton

  • Elberry Cove in Devonshire

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  • This area of Devon is so stunning and green. The beaches here are mostly pebble beaches with some sandy in places. Though those end up being commercialised and very busy for that reason. Away from the crowds, one cove in particular you get to by walking past/through Goodrington Sands and up over the field track to where it winds down to a secluded beach. Here you will find people having BBQ's, local parties and locals hanging out. This is a well known spot for the people who live in the area. Going for a quick swim here when the sun is coming down over the beach is magical. The water is cool but refreshing and crystal clear. Wear beach shoes in the water as the ground can be uneven/rocky in places. Elberry cove is just one of many coves in Devon, there are so many rocky coves and tucked away beaches to explore and swim with friends.