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    This is a huge expanse of white rolling sand dunes residing on the coast of West Sussex. It is often deemed one of the most beautiful beaches in England at 13km long and backing onto the South Downs, it’s enjoyable all year round and there are areas all along the front for you to swim, make sandcastles, go for a walk or enjoy a BBQ with family. It’s one of the few beaches in the UK where I have found absolutely anyone is welcome to come and enjoy it, no stares or whispered conversation between other families for looking different. I went to university in a county with a lot of coastline and always found my presence at the beaches there to be bothersome to many others. In fact, the only thing to note when you come to enjoy West Wittering is please be mindful and smart when going to enjoy the water, there are safe swimming areas for a reason! Lifeguards are posted up and down the beach and with it being so large, there are many areas to swim. Lots of places have much calmer, slightly busier waters which make it perfect for swimming together with friends and family or if you prefer to get your sea laps in, like me, there are equally calm areas to swim often used by those of us who might be taking the beach a little too seriously... If you’re looking for a bit of thrill when you head here, there are areas dedicated to water activities like wind surfing too.