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    Brazilian Real (BRL)

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    -22.90685, -43.17290

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Framed by glittering ocean lapping onto iconic beaches and fringed with lush green mountains, Rio’s sprawling urban landscape is a patchwork of chaotic beauty. Rio is a city with many different personalities to get to know – surf at sunrise, trail through the jungle in search of hidden waterfalls, and dance all night at samba-fuelled street parties. The rhythm of Rio is set to the silky sounds of bossa nova and the energetic beats of samba layered with favela-born-funk; you can hear it crackling from car speakers and rattling through the streets. With a soundsystem culture to rival  Jamaica’s, music in Rio is about so much more than partying; it’s a form of protest against injustice, a channel to talk about systemic racism and gender politics.