Listen to This Mind-Melting Mix By El irreal Veintuino

El irreal Veintuino


El irreal Veintiuno, aka Bryan Dálvez, takes us on an exhilarating trip through the sounds of guaracha, cumbia, hard drum and more.

El irreal Veintuino is one of the most vital artists operating within Mexico’s electronic scene today. Producing cutting-edge Latin club music, it was on his 2019 EP, Poliformo, that Dálvez demonstrated the breadth of his style: a mixture of dembow, cumbia and tribal guarachero fused with footwork and hardcore. The EP was released via SUBREAL – a label helmed by Mexican producer Siete Catorce and Amazondotcom. Since, Dálvez’s work has cropped up across various compilations, including 2020’s Discos en 3​/​Cuartos from the Lima-via-Berlin label Kebrada and 2022’s no pare, sigue sigue from Colombia’s TraTraTrax, appearing alongside heavyweights of the Latin diaspora, such as Changa Tuki pioneer DJ Babatr.

Featuring a slew of unreleased tracks from his forthcoming album, Dálvez describes his Trippin mix as a “personal evolution”, one that dives into his heritage and the year gone by. The producer also explores the very essence of electronic and tribal music itself. “This mix is focused on combining sounds that rule my country,” he says. “Percussion and hypnotising sounds are what govern this mix. The main idea is to understand the evolutionary progress that my sound has been having with different cultures. In the end we can listen to songs that coexist with the tribal sound of my country and the percussive sound of the Middle East. That is merely what I want to represent with this mix. The mixture of everything leads to the same end: to dance through music.”


El irreal Veintiuno – Maldad

El irreal Veintiuno – A veces son días malos

El irreal Veintiuno – Cierto Rencor

El irreal Veintiuno – Así bailan los olvidados

Jace Mek – DDI

Despina – Skin Psychic

Rose Bonica – This Is Not My House

Machino Pollux – Love Fuzz (Siete Catorce Remix)

El Chico Callado – Wama

El Chico Callado – Un loquito bailando en la penumbra

Rio – Procnias

El irreal Veintiuno – Retiembla

El irreal Veintiuno – Espuelas

El irreal Veintiuno – Macizo

Ice Eyes – Maps of Despair (ABADIR Remix)

El irreal Veintiuno – Karma

C.Z – Flowing 2222