Ariel Zetina Marks International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia With This Mix

BY Ariel Zetina

Ariel Zetina


The Chicago-based producer creates a travel-ready mix for that moment before you hit the club.

International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia (IDAHOBIT) is observed annually on 17 May, and for this occasion we asked Chicago-based selector Ariel Zetina for a celebratory mix.

The producer is a staple within Chicago's LGBTQIA+ community and the wider underground scene. Last year, she released her outstanding debut album Cyclorama, which saw her link up with local artists Cae Monāe, Mia Arevalo and DANNN alongside some of the most exciting talent operating in electronic music today, such as Bored Lored and Violet. As a longstanding member of the Discwoman collective and a resident at Chicago's late-night queer space Smartbar, Ariel has consistently championed LGBTQIA+ communities and her Belizean heritage through her sets, splicing club with pop and mixing them with punta and brukdown.

Transness is a topic that threads throughout her debut album too. For example, The Cyclorama track Have You Ever? dives into ideas around transgenderism and power. On the track, Ariel explains, "Cae and I – and many trans women – have been in so many situations where society tells cis men they cannot be with trans women and this explores that and gives power to all trans women in this situation. The techno reflects that, as well as the Spell my name section at the end, showing the true power of trans women.”

To mark IDAHOBIT, Ariel creates a club-ready mix for your travels. "This is a mix for when you first get to your hotel/Airbnb/friend’s house," she says. "You are tired but need to get a second wind to get ready for going out tonight. You turn this mix on. Unpack and decompress in style."

Check out our queer travel tools section, and scroll down for the mix and tracklist.


GEWZER -– Sign(s)
Lloyd SB – Peach's Palace
Ariel Zetina – Eyeshadow Fallout
DANNN – Connected to a Man Without a Face
Vil – Rotari
Kinky – Mirando de Lado
Imaabs – Do
Kieran Loftus and Trap Door – Mad Jawnz
Bassbear – Grease Mode
SEAPOINT – Successors (TSVI Remix)
Ikonika – I Make Lists
Addison Groove – Elevator
Chits – Looking So Good (Mess Kid Remix)
Courtesy – Night Journeys III (Schacke Remix)
Nightwave – Money Power Respect ft. Rell Rock
Octoptic – Litoral
Ikävä Pii – Group chats with high signal-to-noise ratio become coops
Mucho Sueño – Rendering