• Currency

    Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)

  • Language(s)

    Chinese, English

  • Location

    22.31930, 114.16936

  • Elevation


  • Weather


A city with one foot in the past and one in the future, Hong Kong is not all polished skyscrapers but a unique mix of innovation and tradition. In the shadows of its gleaming glass towers and commercial chains you’ll find another side of the city which is steeped in tradition: bustling street markets, fishing settlements, hidden noodle shops and Taoist temples. Venture just beyond the city and you’ll find walking routes trailing through rolling hills and white sand beaches.  Discover new wave coffee shops, art galleries and streetwear boutiques on streets coloured with graffiti in Hong Kong’s most creative districts.

In recent years, the city has faced socio-economic issues and increasingly repressive politics, something a new cohort of creatives have used as fuel to push subcultures forward – cue Hong Kong’s underground hip hop scene led by young rappers whose sound has been shaped by discontent. Although the city is driven by economics, Hong Kong seems to make space – however small it may be – for everything; ancient traditions, innovation, nature and creativity.