You Need to Listen to This All Vinyl Mix by La Lovemaker

Vinyl mix by La Lovemaker on Trippin
Photo of La Lovemaker by @egyptrivera


La Lovemaker, aka Yumi is a vinyl music DJ and selector specialising in 7’ format and hailing from Mexico City.

Her record box is mainly packed with tropical vintage rhythms and music made in Latin America however her selections have been known include some 60’s garage as well as more psychedelic-inspired sounds.

Listen to La Lovemaker’s all vinyl Trippin Mix, which reaches to almost all sides of the world and brings it to your home.

In her own words...

"I like 60s and 70s fashion, visiting the sea and cats.

I have a degree in Social Work from UNAM but a few years ago, I chose the musical path.

I hope you enjoy the selection I create all in vinyl format made with stock from a vinyl store in CDMX, Discos Dedos Sucios.

The Tracklist:

The Trippin Mixes - La Lovemaker

Titiek Sandhora Muchsin - Naik Delman (Indonesia)

Unknown (China)

Menanti Kekasih - ? (Indonesia)

Elly Kasim - Ayah (Malaysia)

Los Apson - Pócima de Amor (Mexico)

Angélica María- Cansada de esperar (Mexico)

Donald Lautrec- Toi L’Ami (Canada)

Los Hitters- Delincuente (Mexico)

Los Johnny Jets - Mary Mary (Mexico)

Los Apson - Anoche me enamoré (Mexico)

Os Carbonos - Ella e’minha menina (Brasil)

Os Supersónicos - Vem Quente que eu estou fervendo (Brasil)

I like it like that - Pete Rodriguez (USA)

Johnny Ventura - Ella Baila Boogaloo (Dominicana)

Tito Puente - Aqui (Puerto Rico)

Celio González- Boogaloo Manía (Cuba)

Ramón Márquez y su Orquesta - Babalú (México)

Los Corsarios - Oye Como va (México)

La Sangre Caliente - La Culebra (México)

Antony Bananas - Cua-Cua-Cua (México)

Manu Dibango - O Bosso (Camerún)

Abelardo Carbono - Catalina (Colombia)

La Niña Emilia - El Currucuchu (Colombia)

Keniantu - Zuka Bala (Colombia)

Vico C - Bomba para afincar (Puerto Rico)

East Village Pharmacy - iPapi (USA)

Header image by @egyptrivera