The Gods of the South with Ivar Wigan


"Things don't change too fast down there..."

Scottish-born photographer, Ivar Wigan, gives a glimpse into the opulent and outrageous lifestyles of the young and aspirational growing up in the South. 'The Gods', a reference to a term of endearment used within American street culture, signifies the relentless ambition shown in Wigan's visceral images. His images transport you to this fantastical realm of luxury and peak individuality. We speak to him about the story behind one of his images...

Pink Panther

"This picture [Pink Panther] is the house of my friend Star in Treme, New Orleans. His grandmother ran the building as a bordello in the 70’s and he grew up there serving the working girls and minding the yard as a kid. When he was grown up he went to work picking oranges in California but his grandmother passed away and he inherited the house. Star drove back from California to New Orleans in his Coupe Deville and there he, the car and the house still remain. Things don't change too fast down there." - Ivar

All photography by: Ivar Wigan


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