Temazcal: Sweat, Song & Spiritual Rebirth

The temazcal symbolises a womb, it’s the womb of the earth. The important thing is that inside, it’s a dark space, a warm and watery space... When you enter the temazcal you return to the womb and you enter with a purpose, and that purpose is healing your relationships.

Episode one of our newest podcast series, Roots & Ritual , deep dives into the sweat, song and spiritual rebirth of Mexico’s temazcal traditions. Trippin’s co-founder YASMIN SHAHMIR and co-producer Robyn Landau, speak to leading experts and locals to uncover the origins and delve into the science behind temazcal. Our guest on this episode is Lupita Maldonado, Guardiana of Temazcal Ba’duhuiini in Guerrero, Mexico.

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Mexico’s temazcal tradition dates back to the 1500’s in pre-colonial times. The word ‘temazcal’ originates from the word ‘temāzcalli’, which means “house of heat” in Nahuatl, one of the native languages of Mesoamerica. The temazcal is a form of sweat lodge, although elements of the Temazcal are similar to Native American traditions, it’s origins and rituals are rooted in Aztecan mythology, with the knowledge of the temazcal’s healing powers bestowed to the women of the time to help them heal and bring balance to their communities. People enter a temazcal to undergo a spiritual rebirth, for physical and energetic cleansing. The temazcal has been used across time for it’s healing benefits and continues to be practiced throughout Mexico and other parts of Central America to this day.

A temazcal is not an individual practice, when it’s individual it ceases to be a temazcal. All temazcales are done communally, in a group, collectively… because community is the medicine too and we need to remember that we are not alone, solitude is not our origin

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Episode Credits

Produced by Yasmin Shahmir & Robyn Landau

Edited by Ami Bennett

Translated by Sara Ene Music by Project Gemini track “The Ritual”


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