This Dancehall Mix Is Inspired by Haich Ber Na's First Time Visiting Jamaica

Haich Ber Na Mixes on Trippin


For this mix, we have the do-it-all artist, Haich Ber Na.

As a self-taught musician, producer, mixer and producer, Haich Ber Na has a more than few tricks up his sleeve. The multi-talented artist delivers a pumping dancehall mix inspired by his first time visiting Jamaica, which he also tells us about below.

What was the reason for the trip?

I went to visit family for the first time.

Was this your first time in Jamaica? If yes, what were your first impressions? If no, what keeps you coming back?

It was! After all these years, we finally reached. I'll definitely be back, I felt very connected and grounded there. There is a lot more to explore and I'm so keen to make music out there.

How would you describe Jamaica to someone who’s never been?

Colourful, resourceful, and passionate. It weaves in and out of being loud and hectic, whilst having such a strong connection to farming, nature and vital living.

Is there anyone you met on your trip that’s made a lasting impression?

I met an amazing woman called 'Ms Girly'. She's my great Aunt, 96 years old. She was telling me she'd just come back from a trip to New York to visit her daughter. I couldn't believe it - at her age she'd gone that far alone and spoke so casually about it, no complaints. It made me less scared to grow up I suppose.

What was the best thing you ate/saw/experienced on the trip?

My uncle made one crazy meal; fried chicken, yam, rice & peas and curry goat - never eaten so much in my life. I experienced finally meeting with the family and seeing where my ancestors were born and raised, helped me understand some things about myself.

Haich Ber Na Mix on Trippin
Haich Ber Na on Trippin

Listen to Haich Ber Na's mix here.

The Tracklist:

  1. Super C - Bad Boy
  2. Lady G' - Nuff Respect
  3. Vybz Kartel - Gwaan So
  4. Equiknoxx - Last of the Mohicans
  5. Mavado - I'm so Special
  6. Time Cow & RTKal - Elephant Man
  7. Bounty Killer - Mine De Girl Dem
  8. Juvenile - Filthy Riddim
  9. Frisco Kid - Forgotten
  10. Clipse ft Vybz Kartel - Double Down (Remix)
  11. Beenie Man - Big Up And Trust (Instrumental Version)
  12. Popcaan - Fully Auto
  13. Vybz Kartel ft Sheba - You and Him Deh
  14. Duppy Gun - No Tek 9
  15. Equiknoxx - Gwaan
  16. Azealia Banks - Salchichon (ft Onyx)
  17. 357 Productions - Scoobay Riddim
  18. STILL - Gozpaal (Mustard Riddim)
  19. Buju Banton - Trust