This Mix by Jaël Is Uniting All the World's Continents Through Music

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For this week's mix, we have Moluccan DJ, producer and vocalist - Jaël.

Giovanni Jano, better known as Jaël, is a Moluccan recording artist, producer, DJ and vocalist from The Hague, Netherlands. His passion for music began from a young age where he grew up in a household surrounded by Moluccan folk songs, gospel, soul/funk and Japanese funk. His parents can be held responsible for Jaël's varied music taste.

This mix embraces these sounds together with a broad span of inspiration to make his own signature sound: going from soulful R&B to heavy bass future beats. Tune in to tune out and get lost in the sounds of the world...

Tell us about the theme for your mix, where do you imagine it being played?

The theme for my guest mix is “unity”. Since the world is getting more aware of all the racism, people forget that we are on this planet to love each other. In this mix, I play music from South Korea, Brazil, Africa, India and many more - just to unite all of the continents in the world through music.

What's a favourite music-related travel memory?

My favourite music-related travel memories are my shows in South Korea and Japan. I had the best crowd out there!! The energy is something unexplainable. I have been touring around all continents, but Asia is really my special place in the world.

Where are you looking forward to trippin' in the future?

I’m looking forward to playing any shows, anywhere. I feel blessed showcasing my music and talent to the world. For now, unfortunately, we cannot tour and play shows as we used to, but still I’m not giving up on this thing! I know people that feel like their DJ career is over because of COVID-19, please NEVER GIVE UP. Keep on digging, keep on practicing, keep on shining!

Trippin Mixes - Jaël

The Tracklist:

Lynda Dawn - Arise

Jarreau Vandal - Something New (Vandalized Edit)

Sumin ft. Slom - Norebang

Jarreau Vandal - Bad Shit

Full Crate - Shabba Champ

KMB - Please Don’t Call Me

Rema - Dumebi (Jarreau Vandal Edit)

Jael - Cutty Ranks Ting

Paul Mond - Panjabi Bounce

Austin Marc - Bethe1

Jarreau Vandal - Midnight

Full Crate ft. Jaimes - I’ll Ride

Juls & Sango - Angele Ni Fe

Velha Guarda da Portela - Voce Me Abandonou

African Scream (Vhoor Edit)

Austin Marc - Kaytra Flip

Reon Vanger - Spotlight


Olswel - 1-1


Leave Me Alone (JAEL Unreleased Edit)

Smino - Klink (Vandalized Edit)

Idno the Colorado Trail (Cay Caleb Edit)