This Mix is the Perfect Introduction to Afro-Cuban Music

This Mix is the Perfect Introduction to Afro-Cuban Music


An introduction to Afro-Cuban music.

Gia Fu is a freshly established DJ, music selector and record collector based in Hong Kong. Afro-Latin, Disco and house music are her areas of expertise, though she primarily focuses on digging and spinning Salsa and mambo gems globally.

Through researching and collecting records, Gia has learned about histories, struggles of life, social injustice issues and all kinds of stories, things that she would have never imagined to learn through music. She hopes to continue to express her passion for life and tell stories through music, especially the good and important ones that had been forgotten.

The talented DJ delivers a Salsa mix which she calls "an introduction to Afro-Cuban Music" inspired by her trips to Cuba, which she also tells us about below.

Tell us about the theme for your Trippin Mix, where do you imagine this mix being played?

The theme for my trippin mix would be an introduction for afro-cuban music. I put together songs of different styles - Chachachá, Son Montuno, Salsa, Mambo and Charanaga, music comprises various rhythms originally from Cuba which are enjoyed globally for listening and social dancing. I'd imagine this mix being played in the car, in a cafe, on the beach, in a social dance party; for chilled, relaxed or for dance, basically everywhere, at any time.

Where did your passion for Salsa and Latin music originate from?

This comes from my innate passion for dance since the early age of 3 when I started with ballet and Chinese folklore dances. With this dance foundation, I immediately felt intrigued with salsa dancing and music during some of my travels to Europe and the Caribbean. When back in Hong Kong, I decided to major in Cultura Hispanoamericana in my university in order to learn more about the culture and history behind this music and dance. I also started to take formal dance classes in this genre of music. This is where I fell in love with Salsa and Afro-Latin music and dance.

What's one of your favourite music-related travel memories?

It was definitely my trips to Cuba, where I took actual musicality lessons in Matanzas and spent time with my friend's family in Santiago. The memories of the streets filled with live music and dancing are still so vivid and it is what keeps me motivated everyday.

What's a place you're most looking forward to visiting?

My next destinations would be Puerto Rico and Colombia. They are both very crucial in the development and progression of the various genres under the umbrella term - Salsa. I would love to attend the Dia Nacional de la Salsa in PR and the Encuentro de Melomanos y Coleccionistas of Feria de Cali in Colombia one day soon to witness the legendary singers and band and also to meet the vinyl/ record collectors and DJs there.

Listen to Gia Fu's mix here.

The Tracklist:

1. Mi Negra - Poncho Sanchez

2. Viva Velarde - Benny Velarde & Super Combo

3. Canto al Guaguanco - Grupo Bemtu

4. Ven Cosa Buena - La Salsa Mayor

5. Sabrosa Descarga - Song Charanga

6. Arroz Con Habichuelas - Jose Valentino Ruiz & The Latin Jazz Ensemble

7. Tiene Sabor - Tipica Novel

8: En Colores - Ray Ramos y Su Sonora

9. En el Balcón - Tito Rodríguez

10. Despechado - Celia Cruz, Johnny Pacheco

11. No Me Conoces - Bobby Valentín

This Mix is the Perfect Introduction to Afro-Cuban Music