Independent Businesses in Berlin Selected by Tsellot Melesse

Berlin with Tsellot

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Independent Businesses in Berlin Selected by Tsellot Melesse

Tsellot Melesse

We’ve partnered with Squarespace to highlight the businesses that are changing the cultural fabric of four key cities: from London to New York via Paris and Berlin. Here, we have Tsellot Melesse on her favourite cultural spaces in Berlin.

Tsellot Melesse is a Berlin-born film and casting director, host, presenter and the founder of the outdoors club Black Canary. As someone who’s born and raised in the German capital, Melesse knows its hidden gems well.

Having grown up in the city, she rejected the outdoors only to later realise it felt inaccessible to her. She sought to change this and founded Black Canary, an exploratory outdoors club for Black FLINTA (an acronym for female, lesbian, inter, non-binary, trans and agender people). Her passion for the outdoors bleeds into her travel tips too, and she recommends seeing Berlin by bike.

The mythology of Berlin leans into its liberal and fiercely independent ethos. “Independent and locally-run businesses are vital for Berlin's culture,” Melesse says, “because they reflect the city's creative spirit and individuality. These businesses also create a sense of community and pride among us locals.”

She adds, “Generally I’d say people in Berlin are not so much into the big, flashy and glossy, but cherish more local, unique and independent offers.” Below, she shows us around the capital, mapping out the spaces she would cycle to in Berlin.

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The Store X

Store X offers a unique blend of fashion, art and culture in one space. It mirrors Berlin's artistic and fashion-forward identity by providing a platform where creatives from all over the world meet. Their curated selections are one of a kind. I'd recommend exploring their record collection; grab a coffee right there and vibe. Most of the time a DJ there is spinning records. This might be the only time where it’s OK to walk up to the DJ and ask to play a record.

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YaMe NumNums

YaMe NumNums mirrors Berlin's love for international cuisine, offering a slice of Japan in the heart of the city, reflecting its multicultural and diverse culinary landscape. It stands out for its authentic homemade udon. I mean udon by itself is already insane, but homemade udon? Come on! Also love the owner – real Berliner, female, BIPOC! I'd suggest trying their signature udon noodles. My favourite is miso, sends you right to heaven. The magic of YaMe NumNums lies in its ability to transport diners to Japan through flavours, offering a sense of tradition and authenticity in every bite. It serves as a culinary bridge, connecting the local community to the essence of Japanese food culture, contributing to Berlin's culinary diversity.

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Silo Coffee

The magic of Silo lies in its ability to bring a slice of Australian brunch culture to Berlin, fostering a lively and welcoming atmosphere. Its vibrant atmosphere and delicious, unique brunch options are exceptional. Their varied menu and quality coffee make it a go-to spot for a lively morning experience. It’s more than a hangover spot! But also incredibly bomb when hungover. I'd suggest trying their unique twist on classic brunch items like the avocado toast or their top-notch coffee that comes from a local roastery. It’s also located in one of Berlin’s loveliest neighbourhoods, so grab brunch on Sunday there and continue the day at the flea market nearby or head over to Berghain like a true Berliner on Sunday morning.

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Effy Nails

Effy offers a trendy, artsy approach to nail care, providing a unique and creative experience. Her attention to detail and trendy nail designs are commendable. She’s also real good on short nails – my personal favourite. Effy mirrors Berlin's creative and artistic side by providing a space for self-expression through nail art and trendy designs, reflecting the city's avant-garde and innovative nature. The uniqueness of Effy's lies in her caring nature. It really is on- on-one time and pure relaxation – she does not only take care of your nails but also of your mind. You’ll leave relaxed!

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