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At Trippin, we document creative scenes around the world. Across fast-evolving cities such as London, New York, Paris and Berlin, the culture moves at such a speed that it can be difficult to keep pace. Who’s weaving something new into the cultural fabric of these cities today?

We teamed up with Squarespace, the design-driven platform helping entrepreneurs bring their businesses online, and four local tastemakers to find out. These four cultural capitals each have a distinct identity that’s uniquely their own, but what ties them together is a focus on innovation. Across a series of travel guides, four local figures map out the Squarespace businesses that are creating something new within each creative scene.

Meet the curators below.


The city’s polarising magnetism has created a pulsating haven that, for centuries now, has been host to just about any imaginable life’s design – a weird, erratic ecosystem, a barren island insufferably obsessed with itself, an urban enigma that is either loathed or loved. There is no middle here. The ubiquitous juxtapositions of a past, present and future Berlin are integral to both the city’s charms and blemishes; the two of which often intersect wherever you go, whatever you look at.

Tsellot in Berlin
Spot Highlight

Tsellot Melesse Recommends Effy Nails

Tsellot Melesse is a Berlin-born film and casting director, host, presenter and the founder of the outdoors club Black Canary.

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Paris might be one of the most misunderstood cities in the world. Yes, it’s a city that wears its history like a Napoleon-era brooch, but it’s also a city in constant experimentation of art, politics, food and wine. It’s full of engaged, passionate people undertaking change of old paradigms and making strides in politics, human rights and ecology.

The sprawling boulevards lined with cream and beige limestone facades, the deep green kiosks that whisper stories of burlesque and museum expositions of the past; the bakery windows flaunting pastries that even Marie Anoinette would drool over. The moment you step out of the metro, you will understand why Paris is the capital of not only France but of the flâneur (one who aimlessly strolls, admiring the surroundings).

Diadié Diombana
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Diadié Diombana Takes Us On a Tour of Maison Château Rouge

One Parisian chef making waves within the culinary arts is Diadié Diombana, otherwise known as Freddy’s Kitchen.

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How Squarespace is Powering Independent Businesses



London is a city of contrasts, but what, perhaps, is the image it's become associated with is its grittiness and punk attitude. As a metropolis with forward-thinking, liberal values, this is where some of the most talked about protests take place. It's also a city steeped in history with countless musical, fashion and artistic moments – history-making milestones, even – taking place across its storied venues.

Moving at a speed that's not dissimilar to New York, this is a fast-evolving capital. Need help keeping apace? Here are some top cultural picks in the UK city.

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Discover All My Friends with Kwaku Asante

North London-raised singer-songwriter Kwaku Asante grew up around jazz and gospel.

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New York City

Welcome to New York City. People are constantly on the move. This is a city of hustlers, a place where people come to level up; settling isn’t an option. You’ll quickly realise that there’s always going to be a lot more to do than you have time in the day for.

And that’s cool, NYC was meant to be explored more than once.

Devine Blacksher on Sugar Hill Creamery
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Devine Blacksher Takes Us to Sugar Hill Creamery

Devine Blacksher is a journalist who, through her work, aims to uplift the Black community.

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