The Best Places in Gothenburg to Explore Local Culture with Little Dragon

Little Dragon's Guide to Gothenburg on Trippin
Photography by Sophie Jones

The Best Places in Gothenburg to Explore Local Culture with Little Dragon

Little Dragon on Trippin
Little Dragon

The Swedish electro-pop band (Yukimi Nagano, drummer Erik Bodin, bassist Fredrik Källgren Wallin, and keyboardist Håkan Wirenstrand) sit down with us at Gala Festival to share their top travel tips for visiting their hometown, Gothenburg, Sweden.

The band describes the energy of the city as dynamic. “Because we’re in the Northern hemisphere it’s very dark and cold and wet in the winter, then all of a sudden, light springs out of the ground and it almost makes you tear up because light is actually possible”.

Gothenburg is a green city not just because of its work with sustainability. Green spaces are plentiful. Home to the elements, nature is just a stone throw away. “You don’t have to go far before you hit the countryside, so it’s nice to soak it all in, like see that it’s drier here or the spring is later here, it must’ve been raining here. You see the different climates, like wow a lot of trees fell here in the wind” says drummer Erik Bodin.

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Coffee Lab

They sell good coffee and good coffee gear. That’s the only thing I buy apart from food. It’s nice shopping. - Fredrik

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You can take the bus here, it's a public nature reservoir by the ocean and you can walk out and be alone if that’s what you need or it's where the party is. There’s also rocks you can jump off and feel the energy of the ocean. Some places are a bit hard to get to so you may have to climb a bit, but it’s a nice little half island so you won’t get lost. It’s good to explore and get a feel of the west coast. It’s like the milder version of Norwegian influence. - Erik

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